Simonova Tatyana Nikolayevna  –  Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia,

UDC: 373.2:376

The article presents a qualitative comparative analysis of multidisciplinary and synergetic models of comprehensive care for children with severe motor disorders in the aspect of organizing interdisciplinary cooperation. It is proved that the difficulty of providing comprehensive care to this category of children is an interdisciplinary problem, which can be successfully solved on the basis of coordination of medical, social, psychological and pedagogical methods. The features of the correctional and developmental process in relation to children with severe motor disorders are described. The shortcomings of the existing model of interaction between specialists in the provision of comprehensive care are shown and the need for its improvement at the stage of diagnosis, development of an individual development program, evaluation of results is justified. On the basis of scientific analysis, the difference between the activities of a team and a group from the standpoint of psychological management theory is revealed, the factors of effective management of work of a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the standpoint of a synergetic paradigm and the parameters for evaluating its effectiveness are shown. The article presents scientific, theoretical and experimental data proving that the synergetic model of interdisciplinary cooperation is most suitable for the implementation of comprehensive care for children with severe motor disorders, because it allows to holistically implement an individual development program and reduce the degree of their functional dependence.

Key words: multidisciplinary model, synergetic model, comprehensive care, severe motor disorders, correctional and developmental process, interdisciplinary cooperation, individual development program, functional dependence


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